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The Coeur d´Alene Dressing Company
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Tips for Marinading, Glazing or using Rubs
How to use our GOURMET GLAZES: You can glaze your foods by dipping, dripping or brushing on any of our gourmet sauces to add flavor and hold in juices. You can glaze while baking, pan frying or grilling. Glazing can be done at anytime during he cooking process, but works best towards the end of cooking. All of our bottled sauces lend themselves well to glazing any meat or vegies, giving the same foods a variety of different flavors. Glaze meat loaf as you begin baking. Glaze steamed salmon the last 2-3 minutes or glaze grilled meats the last 5-10 minutes to prevent burning. Try all of our different flavors. See our recipe pages for great ideas. How to use our GOURMET MARINADES: Marinading has a tenderizing effect on meats as well as enhancing flavors. Flat cuts of meat lend themselves best to marinades, as thicker cuts an get to soft on the outside while not allowing the marinade to reach the inner portion, unless you use an injector, in which case the flavors will be throughot the meat. Place meat in a ziplock bag, add meat and marinade sauce. Squeeze out air and seal. Refrigerate 20 minutes to 2 hours for most fish or chicken and up to 24 hours for other meats, depending on the cut. The ginger in our Ginger Dressing has enzymes that break down protein, making it an excellent marinade. Our Toasted Poppy Dressing had a good deal of orange and lemon juices, known for their marinading qualities. You can marinade with any of our gourmet flavors successfully. See our recipe pages for great ideas on glazing salmon, beef, chicken etc. How to use our GOURMET RUBS: Our gourmet rubs add great flavors as well as making the perfect coating for any foods. Use rub on any meat, poultry or fish. Rinse meat and pat dry with paper towel. Sprinkle rub on evenly, massaging all sides with rub. You can create a "wet" rub by rubbing meat with oil (olive or other) then rubbing in the dry rub. Cover and refrigerate 20 minutes 2 hours. Allow to come to room temperature for best results before cooking. Try our gourmet Hickory Sweet Rub for a slightly sweet, smoky flavor or use our Sweet or Hot Italian Rub for a great spicy rub. Many use our rubs and top them off with a glaze. See our recipe pages for great ideas.
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